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BARTHOLIN- Demo 2009 CD (TR-02)

BARTHOLIN- Demo 2009 CD (TR-02)


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1) Quadbeta
2) Skene
3) Mercy Genocide

Micah Graham:
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synth

Mike Pineyro:
Drums, Synth

Three track debut release.

Recorded 2009.

For information, samples, photos, and video:

Black ink on white cardstock sleeve.

Hand numbered edition of fifty copies. Includes insert.

Review from MRR:

"In the span of three short songs these dudes cover a lot of ground. The music sounds mostly like low-fi black metal, but there are some noise and drone parts in there too. The sparse vocals are delivered in almost a HC style and there is some melodic synth work thrown in. Kind of weird, but I really liked it. I don't know where they are from since they didn't leave contact info, but a Google search revealed that they don't have a web page and a Bartholin gland is the part of the vagina that secretes lubrication, which probably means that these dudes are trying to be funny or maybe they are just big fans of said piece of anatomy. Not much information is forthcoming from the liner notes either, a guy named Micah does 'stuff' and a guy named Mike does 'things', but they included two phone numbers to call to find out more or get the demo. I already have the demo so I'll probably just prank call them" (Brad)

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